Gwladys Street’s Hall of Fame. It’s a Royal Blue institution. An exclusive club of the finest Evertonians. In 2009, David France brought the curtain down on the Hall of Fame dinners at which new nominees were inducted but in 2017 this most celebrated of evenings on the Everton calendar returned to raise funds for the Everton Former-Players' Foundation and the EFC Heritage Society.

Five new members voted for by the fans on ToffeeWeb and were inducted at the annual Hall of Fame dinner in March 2017 at the Hilton Hotel Liverpool.

2017 Inductees

John Bailey

Apps 220 (2); Goals 3

Helped capture the FA Cup in 1984 and League title 1985. There was more to the skillful right-back than a big hat and glasses.

Kevin Campbell

Apps 139 (25); Goals 51

His 9 goals in 8 games saved Everton from relegation in 1999. Scored most Premier League goals without earning an England cap.

Ian Snodin

Apps 191 (10); Goals 7

An adopted Evertonian hailing from Yorkshire who turned down Liverpool to join the Blues and help them to a League title in 1987.

Nigel Martyn

Apps 99 (1)

Hailed as Moyes’s greatest signing. The commanding keeper helped the Everton manager achieve his best Premier League finish in 2005.

Pat van den Hauwe

Apps 199 (2); Goals 3

Helped to win the ECW Cup and League title in 1985. His goal at Norwich secured the title 1987. Born in Belgium, "Psycho Pat" was awarded 13 caps by Wales.

Current Hall of Fame Members

Walter Abbott

1899/00 - 1907/08

A midfield powerhouse known as the Beast of Walton-on-the-Hill

Alan Ball

1966/67 - 1971/72

A ball of fire with tireless tenacity and stamina

Billy Balmer

1897/88 - 1907/08

An uncomplicated England defender and an early exponent of “hoofball”

Dr James Baxter

1892 - 1927

Put his hands deep in his pockets to fund the exodus to Mere Green

John Bell

1892/93 - 1897/98; 1901/02 - 1902/03

An outrageously gifted entertainer who had been the incandescent beacon of Scottish football

Stan Bentham

1933/34 - 1947/48

A midfield grafter whose unselfish toil had been rewarded with a Championship medal

Arthur Berry

1909/10 - 1910/11

An amateur international who won two Olympic gold medals for Great Britain

Billy Bingham

1960/61 - 1962/63

A veteran winger respected as a master of football and exulted as the pride of Ulster

Tommy Booth

1900/01 - 1907/08

Led by example as an inspiring captain and an intimidating defender

Wally Boyes

1937/38 - 1948/49

A skilful winger whose eye-catching pitch-craft helped capture the League title in 1939

Richard Boyle

1892/93 - 1900/01

A resolute rearguard who captained the club to two English cup final defeats

Paul Bracewell

1984/85 - 1988-89

A midfield cog in a highly-tuned Championship-winning engine

“Once Everton gets into your blood your life can never be the same again.” Alan Ball

Frank Brettell

1880/81 - 1882/83

A founding father and member of the original management committee

Cliff Britton

1930/31 - 1938/39

A football virtuoso whose performances were under-pinned by a flawless passing technique

Sir Philip Carter

1978 - 2009

An accomplished Chairman in the 1980s

Harry Catterick

1961 - 1973

A shrewd deal-maker and a strict disciplinarian who managed two title-winning teams

Edgar Chadwick

1888/98 - 1898/99

A shining England star who was one of the first household names of Victorian football

Rev. Ben Swift Chambers


The Methodist minister at St Domingo’s Chapel who got football rolling on Merseyside

Sam Chedgzoy

1910/11 - 1925/26

A talented and innovative football whose illustrious career spanned World War I

Joe Clennell

1913/14 - 1921/22

A savvy striker who developed into a wartime goal machine

Bobby Collins

1958/59 - 1961-62

A pocket dynamo heralded as The Little General

Billy Cook

1932/33 - 1938/39

A no-nonsense defender whose biting tackles helped capture silverware in the 1930s

Harry Cooke


An ex-player who was widely acclaimed as the man with the Blue magic sponge

Jackie Coulter

1933/34 - 1937/38

A crowd-pleaser with sublime ball skills

“It is the unwritten but rigid policy of Everton Football Club, handed down from one generation of directors to another, that only the classical and stylish type of player should be signed.” Will Cuff

Warney Cresswell

1926/27 - 1935/36

A calm and confident defender known as the prince of fullbacks

Ted Critchley

1926/27 - 1933/34

A speedy winger whose accurate crosses were the chief source of ammunition of Dixie Dean

Will Cuff

1895 - 1938

An unflagging chairman known widely as “Mr Everton” whose iron grip converted the club into a football power

Dixie Dean

1924/25 - 1937/38

The greatest goalscorer in the history of the game

George Dobson

1884/85 - 1889/89

The club’s first official professional footballer

John Douglas

1879/80 - 1884/85

A St Domingo pioneer who featured in the club’s first known fixture

Jimmy Dunn

1928/29 - 1934/35

A mercurial forward who was celebrated as one of Scotland’s Wembley Wizards of 1928

Tommy Eglington

1946/47 - 1956/57

An explosive winger whose speed of thought matched his speed of foot

Jack Elliott

1890 - 1925

Another ex-player who became a long-serving trainer after the turn of the 20th Century

Tom Evans

1880/81 - 1884/85

Another enthusiastic amateur who made regular appearances at Stanley Park

George Farmer

1886/87 - 1889/90

A popular pre-League forward credited with eight goals in one game

Peter Farrell

1946/47 - 1956/57

A steadfast Evertonian who was Goodison’s darling in the post-War era

“William Ralph Dean belongs in the company of supreme greats — like Beethoven, Shakespeare and Rembrandt.” Bill Shankly

Wally Fielding

1945/46 - 1958/59

A loveable Cockney who was an expert at unlocking defences

Duncan Ferguson

1994/95 - 1998/99; 2000/01 - 2005/06

A pugilistic Talisman and the answer to Gwladys Street’s prayers

Tom Fleetwood

1910/11 - 1922/23

A versatile footballer who filled several different roles in the title-winning team in 1915

George Fleming

1895/86 - 1888/89

Scored the club’s very first league goal in 1888

Bert Freeman

1907/08 - 1910/11

His keen eye for goal established a league scoring record in 1909

Jimmy Gabriel

1959/60 - 1966/67

A kilted battler who was totally committed to the Royal Blue cause

Fred Geary

1889/90 - 1894/95

Used his electric pace to average more than a goal a game

Charlie Gee

1930/31 - 1938/39

An unforgiving and unshakable pivot

Albert Geldard

1932/33 - 1937/38

Scorched the Goodison turf with his scintillating pace

Torry Gillick

1935/36 - 1945/46

Simply bamboozled opponents with his magnetic ball control

Andy Gray

1983/84 - 1984/85

A charismatic warrior who earned domestic and European honours in 1985

Andrew Hannah

1888/89 - 1890/91

A soldier of fortune, best remembered as the first skipper to lift the League championship trophy

“The White Pele was the most talented football ever to have graduated from the School of Science.” Gordon Watson

Harold Hardman

1903/04 - 1907/08

A gentleman football who represented England at both amateur and full international levels

Brian Harris

1955/56 - 1966/67

An all-round footballer and a dedicated clubman

Val Harris

1907/08 - 1913/14

A popular Irish superstar who seduced Goodison with his courage and toughness

Hunter Hart

1921/22 - 1929/30

Goodison’s “Lord Nelson” with a never-say-die attitude

Colin Harvey

1963/64 - 1974/75

A midfield terrier who displayed immaculate ball control and was celebrated as the White Pele

Adrian Heath

1981/82 - 1988/89

Was responsible for changing the club’s fortunes in the 1980s

Dave Hickson

1954/55 - 1959/60

A swashbuckling centre-forward known as The Cannonball Kid

Mike Higgins

1880/81 - 1888/89

Played more pre-League games than any amateur or professional player

Johnny Holt

1888/90 - 1897/98

Feared nationwide as the “little devil” of the English game

Barry Horne

1992/93 - 1995/96

A “Dog of War” who was celebrated as a Premiership lifesaver in 1994

John Hurst

1965/66 - 1975/76

A cultured but under-rated defender who was also the club’s first ever substitute

Jimmy Husband

1964/65 - 1973/74

An exciting young forward with a passion for long, mazy runs through even the tightest defence

“I would’ve broken every bone in my body for any of the clubs that I played for. But I would have died for Everton.” Dave Hickson

Bobby Irvine

1921/22 - 1927/28

Another sublime dribbler and among the most gifted attacking players of his generation

Frank Jeffries

1910/11 - 1919/20

Famed for his deft touches and was a key member of the triumphant team of 1915

Tommy Johnson

1929/30 - 1933/34

The productive yet unassuming foil for Dixie Dean

TE Jones

1950/51 - 1961/62

Respected for his impeccable sportsmanship and sense of fair play

TG Jones

1936/37 - 1949/50

A sophisticated centre-half known as the Prince of Wales

Tony Kay

1962/63 - 1963/64

A magnificent footballer with a sinister tackle who helped secure the title before being harshly punished for his earlier bad judgement

Howard Kendall

1966/67 - 1973/74; 1981/82

Howard Kendall, the player, displayed a textbook tackling technique and was a member of Holy Trinity

Howard Kendall

1981/82 - 1986/87; 1991/92 - 1992/93; 1997/98

Kendall, the manager, the mastermind behind the harvest of silverware in the 1980s

Bill Kenwright

1989 - present

A Blue Blood Brother with a genuine love for all things Everton who invested in the club when no one else wanted to

Roger Kenyon

1967/68 - 1978/79

A ruthless defender feared as the long-haired assassin

Andy King

1975/76 - 1979/80; 1982/83 -1983/84

An enthusiastic terrier with audacious skills

Brian Labone

1957/58 - 1974/75

Respected as the Last Corinthian and a Royal Blue icon

“I hope that everyone understands that my relationship with Manchester City was a love affair but with Everton it is more like a marriage.” Howard Kendall

Bob Latchford

1973/74 - 1980/81

A bustling spearhead with natural goalscoring prowess

Alex Latta

1889/90 - 1895/96

A key component of the club’s first championship-winning side in 1891

Tommy Lawton

1936/37 - 1945/46

A world-class centre-forward whose abundance of goals clinched the League title in 1939

Mike Lyons

1970/71 - 1981/82

A devoted Evertonian who would run through a brick wall for the club

George Mahon

1892 - 1907

Simply, “Blue Moses”

Harry Makepeace

1902/03 - 1914/15

A highly-respected sportsman capped at both football and cricket

Tom Marriott

1880/81 - 1885/86

An influential pioneer who kept control of the club’s purse strings

Jack McGill

1880/81 - 1886/87

Instrumental in converting the Sunday school team into a professional football club

Duncan McKenzie

1976/77 - 1977/78

A footballing magician with an eye-caching repertoire

Joe Mercer

1932/33 - 1946/47

An England icon who exemplified the School of Science

Alf Milward

1888/89 - 1896/97

Ever-present in the first championship-winning team in 1891

Sir John Moores

1960 - 1973

A footballing visionary and benefactor of the so-called “Mersey Millionaires”

“Never forget, boys — one Blue is worth twenty Reds.” Brian Labone

Bob Morris

1880/81 - 1885/86

Another original member of the embryonic club

John Morrissey

1962/63 - 1971/72

A winger with delicate skills that belied his muscleman physique

Derek Mountfield

1982/83 - 1987/88

A great central defender and an even greater Bluenose

Alex Parker

1958/59 -1964/65

One of the finest Scottish defenders of all time who was blessed with excellent ball-winning skills

Bobby Parker

1913/14 - 1920/21

The leading marksman of the pre-World War I era

John Willie Parker

1950/51 - 1955/56

Dave Hickson’s side-kick whose sharp finishing made him a Second Division Hero

Fred Pickering

1963/64 - 1966/67

One of the most prolific post-War strikers

Kevin Ratcliffe

1979/80 - 1991/92

A fast an uncompromising defender who was also the club’s most successful captain

Peter Reid

1982/83 - 1988/89

The driving force behind the club’s success in the 1980s, voted PFA Player of the Year in 1985

Jim Richards

1880/81 - 1884/85

Yet another founding father and dedicated club servant

Kevin Richardson

1981/82 - 1986/87

Made unsung contributions throughout the glory years of the 1980s

Joe Royle

1965/66 - 1974/75

The youngest ever player who developed into a top-class centre-forward

"Jack McGill’s short-passing game converted St Domingo’s bible class into a Football League club.” George Orr

Ted Sagar

1929/30 - 1952/53

The safe hands who served the club for 24 years

Alex Scott

1962/63 - 1966/67

An exciting winger who tore down the touchline at breakneck speed

Billy Scott

1904/05 - 1911/12

A custodian who was both brave and agile in the age of physical contact

Jimmy Settle

1898/99 -1907/08

Renowned for his glittering footwork, incisive passing and opportunistic goals

Graeme Sharp

1979/80 - 1990/91

An outstanding striker who netted some truly spectacular goals

Jack Sharp

1899/00 - 1909/10

Another star of both football and cricket

Kevin Sheedy

1982/83 - 1991/92

A dead-ball specialist with a sweet left foot

Neville Southall

1981/82 - 1997/98

Everton’s No.1 who played more games for club and country than any other

Jack Southworth

1893/94 - 1894/95

The most prolific goalscorer of his generation

Jimmy Stein

1928/29 - 1934/35

A consummate professional who provided high-quality service to Dixie Dean

Trevor Steven

1983/84 - 1988/89

A gifted and intelligent member of the successful teams of the 1980s

Gary Stevens

1981/82 - 1987/88

A fleet-footed defender who graduated through the club’s junior teams to star in the memorable sides of the 1980s

“Football was never the same after I left Everton. Although I always wanted to win, losing never really seemed to hurt anymore.” Kevin Ratcliffe

Alex Stevenson

1933/34 - 1948/49

A dazzling forward who possessed immaculate control

Graham Stuart

1993/94 - 1997/98

A Diamond Geezer for more than one heart-stopping occasion

Jack Taylor

1896/97 - 1909/10

A Goodison icon and the first captain to lift the English cup in 1906

Derek Temple

1956/57 - 1967/68

A Wembley hero who scored arguably the most celebrated goal in the club’s history

Jock Thomson

1929/30 - 1938/39

An unselfish team player and a hard-tackling midfielder

Alex Troup

1922/23 - 1929/30

Another talented winger who despatched inch-perfect crosses towards Dixie Dean

David Unsworth

1991/92 - 1996-97; 1998/99 - 2003/04

A Blue Rhino who played behind the infamous “Dogs of War” and pulled the club out of the relegation mire

Roy Vernon

1959/60 - 1964/65

A clinical finisher with electric acceleration and a venemous shot

Alfred Wade


Turned out for both St Domingo and Everton at Stanley Park before serving as a club director

Dave Watson

1986/87 - 1998/99

A formidable defender who is the last Everton captain to lift a piece of silverware

Gordon Watson

1933 - 1970

A dedicated Evertonian who spent 63 years at Goodison

Gordon West

1961/62 - 1972/73

Lived up to his label as the most expensive ‘keeper in the world

“My fellow Welshman [Neville Southall] was proof that world class goalkeepers can be match-winners just as much as world class strikers.” TG Jones

Tommy White

1927/28 - 1936/37

Made super-sized contributions at the back and up front throughout the 1930s

Alan Whittle

1967/68 - 1972/73

A young firecracker whose bag-full of goals secured the League title in 1970

Ray Wilson

1964/65 - 1968/69

Possibly the finest England fullback and certainly a World Cup winner

Sam Wolstenholme

1897/98 - 1903/04

One of the most polished half-backs around the turn of the 20th century

Tommy Wright

1964/65 - 1972/73

An unyielding fullback whose tackles and pace were a match for any forward

Alex Young

1960/61 - 1967/68

Arguably the most graceful footballer of all time whose genius continues to be celebrated as The Golden Vision

Sandy Young

1901/02 - 1910/11

A stylish centre-forward known for his exhilarating dribbling

“If I found Alex Young in bed with my missus — I’d tuck him in” Banner on the Gwladys Street terraces

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